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fileinfo: LuaJIT FFI bindings to libmagic, magic number recognition library - tries to determine file types


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CentOS/RHEL 7 or Amazon Linux 2

yum -y install
yum -y install lua-resty-fileinfo

CentOS/RHEL 8+, Fedora Linux, Amazon Linux 2023

yum -y install
yum -y install lua5.1-resty-fileinfo

To use this Lua library with NGINX, ensure that nginx-module-lua is installed.

This document describes lua-resty-fileinfo v1.0 released on Oct 09 2014.

lua-resty-fileinfo is a file information library implementing LuaJIT bindings to libmagic.

Hello World with lua-resty-fileinfo

local fileinfo = require "resty.fileinfo"

This will return string containing ASCII text. But there are other information available as well.




You may find additional configuration tips and documentation for this module in the GitHub repository for nginx-module-fileinfo.