Modules list

Package Name Description
nginx-module-accept-language NGINX Accept-Language module
nginx-module-ajp Support AJP protocol proxy with NGINX
nginx-module-array-var Array-typed variables for NGINX
nginx-module-auth-digest Digest Authentication for NGINX
nginx-module-auth-ldap LDAP Authentication module for nginx
nginx-module-auth-pam PAM authentication dynamic module for NGINX
nginx-module-aws-auth NGINX module to proxy to authenticated AWS services
nginx-module-bot-verifier A search index bot verification module for NGINX
nginx-module-brotli NGINX Brotli dynamic modules
nginx-module-cache-purge NGINX Cache Purge module
nginx-module-captcha NGINX Captcha Module
nginx-module-combined-upstreams NGINX Combined Upstreams module
nginx-module-concat HTTP Concatenation module for NGINX
nginx-module-cookie-flag NGINX cookie flag module
nginx-module-cookie-limit NGINX module to limit the number of malicious ip forged cookies
nginx-module-coolkit NGINX CoolKit Module
nginx-module-dav-ext NGINX WebDAV PROPFIND,OPTIONS,LOCK,UNLOCK support
nginx-module-doh NGINX module for serving DNS-over-HTTPS (DOH) requests
nginx-module-dynamic-etag NGINX module for adding ETag to dynamic content
nginx-module-dynamic-limit-req NGINX module to dynamically lock IP and release it periodically
nginx-module-echo nginx Echo module
nginx-module-encrypted-session Encrypt and decrypt NGINX variable values
nginx-module-execute NGINX Execute module
nginx-module-f4fhds NGINX module for Adobe f4f format
nginx-module-fancyindex NGINX Fancy Index module
nginx-module-flv Media streaming server based on nginx-module-rtmp
nginx-module-form-input NGINX form input module
nginx-module-geoip2 NGINX GeoIP2 module
nginx-module-geoip NGINX GeoIP dynamic modules
nginx-module-google NGINX Module for Google Mirror creation
nginx-module-graphite An NGINX module for collecting stats into Graphite
nginx-module-headers-more NGINX Headers More dynamic module
nginx-module-hmac-secure-link Alternative NGINX HMAC Secure Link module with support for OpenSSL hashes
nginx-module-html-sanitize NGINX module to sanitize HTML 5 with whitelisted elements, attributes and CSS
nginx-module-iconv NGINX iconv module
nginx-module-image-filter NGINX image filter dynamic module
nginx-module-immutable NGINX module for setting immutable caching on static assets
nginx-module-ipscrub IP address anonymizer module for NGINX
nginx-module-jpeg NGINX JPEG filter module
nginx-module-js-challenge NGINX Javascript challenge module
nginx-module-json-var NGINX JSON variables module
nginx-module-json NGINX JSON module
nginx-module-jwt NGINX JWT Module
nginx-module-length-hiding NGINX Length Hiding Filter Module
nginx-module-let NGINX let module
nginx-module-live-common Kaltura Media Framework Common NGINX Module
nginx-module-log-zmq ZeroMQ logger module for NGINX
nginx-module-lua Lua scripting support for NGINX
nginx-module-markdown Markdown-to-html NGINX module
nginx-module-memc Extended version of the standard NGINX memcached module
nginx-module-naxsi NGINX Anti XSS & SQL Injection module
nginx-module-nchan Scalable, flexible pub/sub server for the modern web
nginx-module-ndk Nginx Development Kit
nginx-module-njs NGINX njs dynamic modules
nginx-module-ntlm NTLM NGINX Module
nginx-module-pagespeed PageSpeed dynamic module for NGINX
nginx-module-passenger Passenger module
nginx-module-perl NGINX Perl dynamic module
nginx-module-phantom-token Phantom Token NGINX Module
nginx-module-postgres PostgreSQL module for NGINX
nginx-module-pta Period of Time Authentication module for NGINX
nginx-module-push-stream NGINX push stream module
nginx-module-rdns NGINX HTTP rDNS module
nginx-module-redis2 NGINX upstream module for the Redis 2.0 protocol
nginx-module-rtmp NGINX RTMP module
nginx-module-secure-token Secure token module for NGINX
nginx-module-security-headers NGINX module for sending security headers
nginx-module-security ModSecurity v3 Nginx Connector
nginx-module-set-misc NGINX Set-Misc module
nginx-module-shibboleth Shibboleth Auth Request module for NGINX
nginx-module-slowfs NGINX SlowFS Cache Module
nginx-module-small-light Dynamic image transformation module For NGINX
nginx-module-spnego-http-auth Nginx module for HTTP SPNEGO auth
nginx-module-srcache Transparent subrequest-based caching layout for arbitrary NGINX locations
nginx-module-srt Nginx SRT Module
nginx-module-statsd NGINX module for sending stats to statsd
nginx-module-sticky NGINX sticky cookie module
nginx-module-stream-lua Lua scripting support for NGINX streams
nginx-module-stream-sts Nginx stream server traffic status core module
nginx-module-stream-upsync NGINX module for syncing stream backends from consul or etcd
nginx-module-sts Nginx stream server traffic status module
nginx-module-substitutions String substitutions module for nginx
nginx-module-sysguard NGINX sysguard module
nginx-module-testcookie NGINX testcookie robot mitigation module
nginx-module-traffic-accounting Monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic metrics in realtime for NGINX
nginx-module-ts NGINX MPEG-TS Live Module
nginx-module-untar NGINX HTTP Untar Module
nginx-module-upload NGINX module for handling file uploads
nginx-module-upstream-fair The fair load balancer module for NGINX
nginx-module-upstream-jdomain Asynchronous domain name resolution module for NGINX upstream
nginx-module-upsync NGINX module for syncing upstreams from consul or etcd
nginx-module-vod NGINX-based VOD Packager
nginx-module-vts NGINX virtual host traffic status module
nginx-module-webp NGINX WebP module
nginx-module-xslt NGINX XSLT dynamic module
nginx-module-xss Native cross-site scripting support in NGINX
nginx-module-zip Streaming ZIP archiver for NGINX
nginx-module-zstd NGINX module for the Zstandard compression